Elan leadership

Mr. Rakesh Kapoor Chairman

Mr. Rakesh Kapoor is the Chairman of Elan Group. He has a career in real estate spanning decades across the residential, commercial and hospitality segments.

Mr. Kapoor has led Elan to new heights in a very short span and has been actively involved in various corporate responsibilities including being a crucial force behind strategic sales & marketing. As a Chairman, his role includes Elan’s multi disciplinary construction capabilities.

His vision and drive are encouraging and inspirational. This is why the business and work culture of Elan Group has reached a new pinnacle under his leadership.

Mr. Ravish Kapoor Managing Director

Mr. Ravish Kapoor as the Managing Director has been overseeing Sales and Marketing of the company, unarguably in the most competitive and dynamic real estate markets in India. His role was expanded to drive accelerated growth of the company in the NCR region. Mr. Kapoor remit is to assist the Group in brand building, marketing and eventually sales. In addition to this, he built and managed marketing strategy of the Group and created a network of Channel Partners that are focused on developing novel ways of marketing the projects pan India.

Through his experience and pertinent expertise, he has been a driving force for many of the Group’s major strategic alliances.



Mr. Akash Kapoor Director

Mr. Akash Kapoor is responsible for leading the efforts to strengthen the Group’s operations across the Finance and Administrative verticals.

He has led a finance team responsible for ensuring financial integrity, compliance and best practices throughout the company and its subsidiaries. As the Group’s Director, Mr. Kapoor has played a crucial role in developing and executing strategies that created new businesses, expanded markets, ensured smooth operations and drove the Group’s brand value to the next level.

Vision - Advancement of commercial spaces

Mission - Road to perfection!

To Pioneer the concept of Commercial Brand Development and bring Indian creativity on the Global Map of Innovation.

Our Team

Our team of highly experienced professionals include